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Sacred Fir forest, near Mexico City, William M. Ciesla, Forest Health Management International, www.forestryimages.org


LEDAPS is a NASA-funded project to map North American forest disturbance since 1975 from the Landsat and ASTER satellite data. LEDAPS also produces maps of surface reflectance derived from Landsat imagery to support a variety of ecosystem studies. LEDAPS is part of NASA's contribution to the North American Carbon Program (NACP), a component of the USGCRP Carbon Cycle Science Program.

Thank you for visiting the LEDAPS web site. The LEDAPS project has concluded, and this site is no longer actively maintained.

  • To obtain Landsat-5,7 surface reflectance products processed with LEDAPS atmospheric correction, you may now order them directly from USGS via Earth Explorer:
    (select the "Landsat CDR" tab under Data Sets). Landsat-8 surface reflectance products are currently under development through the USGS Landsat Science Team.
  • To obtain per-scene disturbance maps for the US, please visit North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) product archive at ORNL DAAC:
  • To obtain the STAR-FM MODIS/Landsat fusion code and the Automated Registration and Orthorectification Package (AROP), please contact Dr. Feng Gao, Feng.Gao@ars.usda.gov.

Landsat-derived forest disturbance rate (stand replacing), 1990-2000, aggregated to 500m grid.

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